Barrett & Associates


In an industry with so many competitors, its important we posess and utilize the tools necessary to assist us in enforcing the recovery of your funds...

  • We utilize some of the same databases law enforcement may use to locate an individual such as Accurint by LexisNexis, Insight & CBC Innovis. This can provide useful contact information in effort to confirm the location information of a customer you cannot find.
  • We utilize state of the art debt collection software allowing us to efficiently manage customer accounts. 
  • We have relationships built with Licensed private Investigator firms in which can assist us in the location of a Customer.
  • We have a National Network of Attorneys in which can litigate to enforce a legal binding contract.  
  • We have a staff of 8 specialist fully trained in the laws of the FDCPA and the FCRA with combined 88 years experience who stand as mediators to find a resolution with your customer.
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