Barrett & Associates

About Us

Barrett Asset Recovery Services, LLC. dba Barrett & Associates was established as a California Limited Liability Company in February 2009. We primarily serve as a third party debt collection agency often representing and servicing accounts for banks, credit unions, financial institutions, law offices, private investors and other debt buyers.

If your looking to mitigate some of your losses give us a chance. If you have current agencies that you place accounts with allow us to compete with them and prove that our liquidation rates will exceed the competition. We do not charge a fee to our clients unless we recover your funds.

We are willing and able to service delinquent accounts in the following areas - Credit Cards, Consumer Retail Cards, Commercial Loans, Overdraft Checking, Direct Deposit Advances, Payday Loans, Medical, Rent to Own, Auto deficiency, Judgements, Equity Lines, Installment Loans and more. 

Our Mailing Address is:

Barrett & Associates
970 W Valley PKWY Suite # 188
Escondido, CA 92025

Telephone # - 619-357-7605
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